The Masina: Agritourism and Farm

agriturismo winterThe Agritourism Masina is situated on the high-plateau: Piano della Mussa (1875 m above sea level). This fantastic high-altitude territory is made up of the most formidable complex mountains in the Lanzo Valley. Its distance from the city of Turin is about 60 km. This area is renowned for its particular environmental characteristics, especially in the Lanzo Valley. The Masina is a typical mountain chalet, surrounded by green meadows and large forests. This particular chalet is an old stable that once was used for pasture during the summer. In 1990, it was restored with attention to preserve the shape and the old architecture, using typical construction materials such as wood and stone. The Masina is accessible by car from May to November. During winter the road is closed for traffic. In the winter, the chalet is reachable either with snowshoes, by foot or by skiing. It takes about 40 minutes to reach the Masina by foot, departing from the village of Balme.